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About Tread Depth

Tread Depth in Details

Tread depth is usually not a common issue to think of. It is so easily neglected and most of us wonder when the policeman stops our car and says that we will be charged. Anyway, you ought to leave the old perception behind and consider a new one – the optimal tread depth of is crucial for safety as well as for the car performance. Moreover, checking tread depth is a major indicator for replacing your tyres. If a long, long time has passed since you last measured your depth, then it would be a bright idea to visit a specialized tyre centre in the UK or keep on reading to find out how you can do it on your own below.

Are There Any Legal Restrictions About Tread Depth

A Common and standard check is that of your tyres tread depth. If the glory of your tyres has passed a long time ago, then you might get into serious trouble especially in winter. You ought to think safe while driving your motorcycle or car. If you somehow do not consider normal measuring the tread depth for an important issue, then the potential fine of over 2 thousand pounds will make you think twice. (a fine beyond the average amount in most European countries). In addition, the amount of the fine is per tyre! In case, all four tyres are not new and in proper condition in accordance with the legal restrictions, then you could say goodbye to a maximum of 10 000 pounds running out of your account. In the UK as well as in Europe, tyre tread depth has to be 1.6mm at least. That is the official legal minimum

Measuring the Tread Depth

If you want to go through the stairs of proper maintenance of your car tyres, then seriously consider getting familiar with the tread depth. There are some standard procedures for checking your tyre tread but perhaps the most common one is that with 20p coin test. Some of you may have heard of it. You do not need a special gauge to do it but just a single coin of 20 pence. Take the coin and put it into the tread groove of your car tyre for measuring. In case, you do not see the “20 pence” signing, then your tyre tread depth is ok and in accordance with the legal advisory limit. If you clearly see the sign “20 pence”, then the tread depth is beyond the safe minimum.

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