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Are you Ready for Winter

Most Importantly – Tyres

Winter is here and you have not done anything for your car yet. It is crucial for all drivers to pay attention to every part of your car, especially those of them that concern your safety at the highest level. Checking your tyres for any damages on a regular basis could prevent you from many unpleasant situations on the road. Winter is the time when lots of car accidents happen due to the usage of worn tyres on behalf of the drivers. For your personal safety and for those of the other participants on the road, please make sure that you use proper tyres, especially in snow conditions. Pay attention to the following common problems:

  • presence of blisters and bulges on the surface of your tyres;
  • check your tyres dread;
  • do not buy the cheapest tyres on the market.

Check Brake Pads

When it comes to one of the most important parts of your car that concerns your safety, that without any doubt would be the condition of your brake pads. Unfortunately, it would be impossible to check them if you do not own a service centre or a garage with special equipment. Anyway, if you sometimes hear that creaking sound on one of the front or back tyres, then it is 100% sure that there is something with your brake pads. Luckily, they are a relatively cheap part and their change would not cost you much. When you face a problem with your brake pads, do not think twice but visit the nearest service centre. It is an important safety issue for all drivers to pay attention to the presence of such creaking sound and to react as soon as possible, otherwise, that may reflect on your brake system.

Use Antifreeze

Winter is coming and the temperatures are getting low. As drivers, we should be more aware of the conditions of our cars in order to keep them into safety. Perhaps, most of us have heard of antifreeze and what it is used for. We apologize preliminary to those of you that already know. Antifreeze is a type of liquid used in the car engine’s cooling system during winter (or the months with low temperatures). The main purpose of using antifreeze is that it facilitates the water freezing point to become lower. As a consequence, the chance of the cooling system to freeze is low.

Test your Car Battery

You cannot start your engine without your car battery. Without any doubt, it is one of the most essential things within your car. It is important to take care of your car battery, otherwise, you will get into trouble. Especially during the winter, you will need a new car battery. Do not rely on that your old battery is going to last for another winter and will save you some money. The reasons behind the potential failure of your car battery can be quite complex and gradual, so you should check it on a regular basis.

Check all Car Lights and Bulbs

Last but not least. Do not forget to check your car lights and bulbs. If you own a comparatively new car, you should be notified immediately in case of a problem with your lights or bulbs. If you do not own such a car, check them from time to time not only for your safety and those of the other drivers. You will be charged if your car lights are not in proper condition.

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