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How to Recycle Tyres

How Long is the Life of a Car Tyre

It entirely depends on the distance you drive on an annual basis. In case you drive 18 000 – 20 000 kilometres per year, then the tread of your car tyres will last for three or four years maximum. In case, you use the services of public transport during the week and start the engine of your car only on Saturdays and Sundays, then you will almost brand new tyres for your car at your disposal. Perhaps, your tyres can endure five or six years if they are properly used and changed on time for the seasons

What Should You Do with Your Old Tyres

The best you can do with your old car tyres is to recycle them or to call someone to pick them for free. Before we provide you with information on how and where to recycle them, we will share some alternative ways on how to use your old tyres (please, do not assume seriously all suggestions, some of them are the fruit of our creativity):

  • Make Shoes – actually, this is a wide-spread practise in Vietnam, there is no waste and at the same time we stay environmentally aware;
  • Build your Garden – you can use your tyres instead of plant pots. It is an original idea not at the expense of the aesthetic view of your garden. And your plants would be in a safe place for sure;
  • Build a Training Camp – you can use your old tyres for exercising your dog or children. Use your imagination and fill the time of your beloved ones;
  • Make your Own Mat – it is easy to work to make it out of your old tyres. It will be free and your wife will be delighted if you use it before you get into the house;
  • Make a Tyre Swing – your children will love you definitely if you do not throw your old tyres. That would be a huge waste. Instead, make a tyre swing.

Where Can You Recycle Your Tyres

In general, you can check the local centres for tyres to get informed about whether they are going to take your tyres for free. In most cases, they will be at your disposal in case you buy new ones. If you are still facing some troubles finding a way how to recycle your tyres, then you can get in contact with the waste disposal centre in your city to check the availability to give your old tyres for recycling. In the end, if you are in a cul-de-sac, call the produced of your tyres.

Ways for Recycling

Tyres are one of the most desired products for recycling as they can easily be converted into a rich range of useful components. Your old tyres could be transformed into fuel, a floor for playgrounds, football grounds and more. Especially in UK, all initiatives that concern the proper using of recyclable materials as tyres are a top priority not only for the business but also for the citizens.

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