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Is It Time to Purchase Tyres

The Condition Matters

In case you want to drive a car that does not cause any kind of problems then it is essential to serve your tyres properly. Reassure about their condition often, especially when set on a journey. Looking at your tyres often could keep you away from many potential dangers on the road. Believe it or not, even the unproperly inflated tyres are able to imply harmful consequences on your brakes, the economy of fuel or suspension. You are able to test your tyres’ condition by searching for any cuts, blisters or bulges on the surface. In addition, check for tears on the sidewall or the presence of ashlars and nails.

Have You Ever Heard of “Tread Depth”

Ultimate tread depth facilitates reliable car performance. Tread controls the penetrating water into the grooves, thus providing you with more stability and safety. If your tyres are becoming to wear, this could have a negative impact on your braking distance. Moreover, the chance for skidding is higher as well. Your tyres’ tread should be at least 1.6 mm. In case it is lower than 1.6 mm, you have to immediately change your tyres.

Other Important Issues to Consider

The majority of tyres producers offer a way to see whether your tyres will endure one more season or it is high time for a change. Have you ever heard of “the 20 pence test”? In short, take a 20 pence coin and put it into the tyres’ groove on several places. If the engraved on the tail “20 pence” signing disappears, the tyres of the car are alright and you do not have to buy new ones. Do not forget to repeat the “the 20 pence test” on several places on your tyres as there can be worn parts hidden from a first glance. Do not ever dare to think of buying cheap already used tyres. You do not need stuff in doubtful condition, especially when it concerns your safety on the road. So, go and buy new ones.

What Do You Know About Bulges and Blisters

Unfortunately, the tyres are not eternal and there will come a time when you will be obliged to buy new ones. The outer surface of the tyres commence to decrease its quality with time and as a result, there may be found:

  • bulges;
  • blisters;
  • cracks;
  • cuts.

All they can appear in different parts including the side part of the tyre (sidewall) . When you see one of the above-mentioned “damages” on your tyres, go immediately to the service centre, unless if you do not want to get sudden blow-out of one of your tyres. So, draw attention to the presence of bulges, blisters or cracks.

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