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What Should I Have in Mind for Purchasing Tyres

The Size Matter

You might ask yourselves many times for the right size of your car tyres. Please, look cautiously on the sidewall and you are going to see an elaborate code with letters and numbers. It consists of four separate classic features that provide you with the necessary information about the size of the tyres. Usually, the code is presented this way – 185 / 55 R17 85V.

What is DOT Serial Number

Department of Transportation (DOT) Serial Number provides you with info about the date of producing your car tyres. DOT Serial number is presented by 4 digits. The first two display the week of producing while last two digits reflect the year of manufacturing. For instance “1019” means that the tyres were produced in the 10th week (perhaps in March) in 2019.

Do Car Tyres Influence Fuel Economy

Perhaps, you have seen a difference in fuel economy when changing new car tyres. That is a classic case. It is not shocking, actually, it is a very likely condition. The appropriate tyres are indicators that could influence the fuel economy in a negative or positive way. Be aware that our community live in an era where the price of fuel is expected to reach the sky. Moreover, pollution in major cities has always been a major threat. So, all of us should look for better decisions that could save us money as well as the environment.

What Else to Consider

  • Noise – there is a relation between the appropriate type of tyres, the level of inflation and the presence of loud noise. For reducing level of noise, keep the tyres fully inflated;
  • Speed rating – in short, it is the highest speed that a particular tyre could endure. If the speed rating is high, then you will have full control of your car when you press the accelerator pedal;
  • Indexes for Speed and Tyre Load – they reflect different qualitative indicators.

What Is the Best Time of the Year to Buy New Car Tyres

Everyone is looking for the perfect deals and offers when it comes to buying new car tyres. There are specific periods during the summer and winter when the prices usually reach the sky. So, you have to be informed about the best deals through reviews and visiting the main shops on a daily basis. Experts in UK recommend switching your winter or summer tyres in the period October-April. It is the best time for a change and cut some costs on long-term

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